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Should you buy Frozen over Fresh?

When buying seafood consumers are faced with an option between Fresh and Frozen. Often, frozen is their second choice. But how do the two stack up to each other when we compare the nutrition, eco-impact, waste, and quality of each?


Although some of the “fresh” fish you see in the display case at your local super-market isn’t exactly straight off the line, there is nothing to suggest it has deteriorated much from the point of nutritional value. Modern freezing methods, however, guarantee the seafood hasn’t lost any of its nutritional content. Clean Harvest Barramundi, our barramundi supplier, mentions on their website,” our barramundi are harvested, hand-filleted and flash frozen the same day. We use a patented Japanese belt freezer technology that allows us to chill down the fillets to -30°F and lock in freshness in under 10 minutes”. Once frozen the nutritional value, moisture, and taste are completely preserved. Snap Freezing seafood also halts bacterial growth that could make you sick.


In a race against the clock to get fresh seafood to the end consumer, it has to be transported by air in many places. This method of transporting seafood uses a huge amount of energy. Frozen seafood, however, is commonly freighted by ship, rail, or truck which has a significantly less environmental impact. So, if you’re looking to reduce your ecological footprint, buy frozen the next time you buy seafood.


Due to its perishability, an estimated 30% of fresh seafood ends up in the rubbish. Frozen seafood allows consumers and chefs to thaw and prepare only what and how much they need, whenever they need it. This reduces waste and allows for a high degree of convenience for consumers and chefs alike.


Due to processing times, distributing and freight, the fish being sold as fresh in the display case could be up to two weeks old. The more time passes after it is caught, seafood is obviously subjected to the natural deterioration in quality and taste.

Our seafood, however, after being caught and filleted is snap frozen, locking in its taste and nutrition, preserving its freshness. This quality and taste will be unaffected and ready for the moment you decide to pull it out of the freezer and prepare your meal.



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